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"My Fallen Star" is the fifth single from 2019's Funeraria do Vale and D.B.s latest directorial creation, featuring mystery girl, Monique Webb in the starring role.  A memory, a mystery or maybe just a dream? Come along for a walk in the pines to find out..."blood in my body, heart in my chest, we existed before time" 

In collaboration with artist Helen Pappas, Dan's latest self-directed clip, "We'll never drink (again)"  from 2019's "Funeraria do Vale" Album release uses footage taken from around Victoria's vast coastline to capture a dreamy cornucopia of landscapes, bringing the melancholic (and timely) sentiment of the lyric into view.

live in isolation

Checkout Dan Brodie & Chris Brodie's half hour live stream they performed on May 1st as part of France's "Crossroads Confined Countdown Festival"